Lost Boys Review

An honest peak into youth culture in the North – Reviewed by Carla Owens

By admin
Fri 09 August, 2019

‘Lost Boys is a play for everyone about growing up in a new northern town, exploring how where you’re from and gender identity affects who you are, who you become and your mental health.’

Lost Boys is a direct response to issues troubling the youth, issues which have long overspilt and caused conflict in society today. Its message is ‘It’s time to talk’. We’re told cautionary tales of how repressing our feelings is not only damaging towards ourselves, but society as a whole. Lost Boys introduces the idea of social responsibility and how failing to control and monitor our own emotions can have a knock-on effect. The play brings to light important issues such as male suicide, unhealthy relationships, aggression and bullying.

Impressively, Lost Boys manages to maintain a lighthearted tone for the majority of the play. Including talented and ambitious musical performances from the cast and a hilarious moments throughout – definitely not dreary!

It’s clear that Formby playwright Luke Barnes knows what he’s talking about. Carefully handling sensitive topics, his love for where he’s grown up and the people in it shines through. The play is definitely self aware, tackling how theatre as a medium for social change has been seen as something middle-class and inaccessible. Lost Boys is a play that everyone can enjoy and understand no matter where you come from or your level of education, which is something I appreciate a lot. Overall, Lost Boys is a play that tries earnestly to reach its intended audience and overflows with young talent.

Carla Owens