Leeds Festival Review

Jack Hodgson shares his weekend away at Leeds Festival..

By Jack Hodgson
Fri 30 August, 2019

Arriving in a picturesque, sprawling field we trudged around The Village, a colossal collection of shops, stalls and stands – we found our way to a clear patch of grass right next to the Safemates tent. There, my group and I got straight to work. We pulled out our weird, unrecognisable bits of fabric and metal and watched in awe as the only intelligent member among us fashioned them into something resembling a tent. We pulled out my other mate’s awful little camping stools that didn’t stand up right, and upon realising we had three of those, decided that we would probably need to deal with this before we really began the festivities. I and a friend made the pilgrimage to find some chairs, eventually coming across a collection of dark green lawn chairs for £8 a go and a giant gazebo for £40. Our camp mates didn’t like that one.

After lots of protests, complaints about money and trying to set the damn thing up, we finally relaxed just as the sun came out – and with it came the realisation that if we had not got the gazebo, we would be toast by now. The complaining promptly ceased.
Next up was sorting out the beer situation: Only one of us was 18, so we had decided not to risk facing off with the Leeds Festival Security, but now we could send her and her boyfriend to get booze from the local Co-Op.

Yes, you heard that right. Leeds Festival 2019 had an onsite Co-Op. It was a sight to behold when our group arrived – a full Co-Op in a field, set in a giant white tent where everybody inside was dressed in their wildest clothes. It was like stepping into an alternate universe, one where people actually dressed in an interesting manner.

But what about the main event, the music? In a word, it was all phenomenal. Bastille were absolutely electric in their giant tent stage, especially when they covered Rhythm of the Night. I had doubts about Billie Eilish performing at Leeds – surely her stuff isn’t festival music. But, it worked a treat and her set was incredible – it did, however, feel a little strange dancing to someone a month older than me.

Ultimately, it was an incredible weekend. The music, the atmosphere, the people – all were an experience I’ll never forget. I think I’m going back next year, and I can’t wait.