MeToo Media Merseyside

Maureen Sinclair Director of ClapperboardUK explains why, MeToo Media Merseyside and the need to get young people from our diverse communities into the creative industry

By KWS Admin
Thu 21 November, 2019

#MeToo a cause and phenomena that started with Tarana Burke when speaking out on sexual violence against women was spread further via Alyssia Milano’s #metoo tweet calling for unity against sexual oppression and violence…the rest is still making history and MeToo Media Merseyside supported by ClapperboardUK and funded by the British Board of Film Classification aims to be part of that.

Our diverse communities are under represented in the film, TV, media and other creative industries so too are young people with health, cultural or economic inequalities. MeToo Media Merseyside will support the voiceless to create relevant content which challenges the patriarchal status quo and push through the glass ceiling that is so restrictive for many to develop careers.

ClapperboardUK already has a good reputation for progression and careers development and MeToo Media will focus this effort by way of creating our own content and offering support, experience and a space for all things creative media!

If you would like to support MeToo Media Merseyside practically or financially then please contact me on:


Maureen Sinclair